Interesting Things I Find On The Internet

  1. Apple names Deirdre O’Brien senior vice president of Retail + People

    How is this one person's job?! “In her expanded role, Deirdre will bring her three decades of Apple experience to lead the company’s global retail reach, focused on the connection between the customer and the people and processes that serve them. She will continue to lead the People team, overseeing all People-related functions, including talent development and Apple University, recruiting, employee relations and experience, business partnership, benefits, compensation, and inclusion and diversity.”
  2. The Architecture of Fred Pojezny

    One of my best friends growing up is the grandson of Fred Pojezny. I had no idea he had contributed so much to the architecture of my city. I knew Kevin had a super cool house (which I found out from this article was designed by his grandfather), but I didn't realize the significance of his grandfather's work. Very cool to look through this list of buildings that I recognize and some of which I currently live down the street from and drive past every day.