Edgewise Website

Steve Baranski is a local app developer in Oklahoma City. He usually builds apps for clients (including the one he’s currently working on for iThemes Sync), but Edgewise is an app of his own devising. It’s a cycling activity tracker app that connects to the Garmin cycling devices. The app tracks your ride stats, including speed, location, elevation and a lot more. Steve wanted to relaunch the iOS7 version of his Edgewise app with an updated logo and website. I didn’t do the logo, but I got to build the site for him.

Steve doesn’t need to update it often, and he’s familiar enough with HTML that we didn’t use a content management system. Working in just simple HTML was at first freeing to not have to deal with a CMS, and then intimidating to know that Steve would be editing (and judging) my HTML himself anytime he made a change. It made me approach my process a little differently. Not that I don’t take pride in my HTML & CSS normally, but knowing someone else’s only way of editing it, was to fully understand my code structure, made me very keen to make everything simple and straightforward.

I also experimented with SVGs for the vector backgrounds on the app feature sections. The fine lines of those look way better than their rasterized versions and are totally scalable, so they look great even on the widest screen you can find. And of course, it’s mobile friendly and responsive to work on tiny phone screens too.