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100% of Teens Want iPods – 0% Want Zunes


I am a wholehearted Apple fanboy and Zune hater, but I never expected numbers like this. I thought there were at least a few teens out there who hate Macs and hipsters and fun, and things like that. But 100% iPod!? That’s a pretty incredible market share.

News doesn’t get much worse than this for the Zunes and Sansas of the world: a whopping 0% of surveyed teens planned on buying their devices, with 100% wanting an iPod in the coming year. [Gizmodo]

Apple probably won’t be able to totally control the mp3 market much longer, as the iPod reaches a saturation point in the US, but apparently they’re still overwhelmingly in top of mind for teens. Who has a Sansa? Seriously?

Hit the Giz link for more info and links to the Piper Jaffray survey.

[Via Gizmodo]