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Addy 2009 Revolution


I’m loving this campaign for the Oklahoma City Addy Awards this year! The theme is “Idea Revolution”. Last year’s was kind of disappointing, but this makes up for it. The awards are on Valentine’s Day, which was a stupid decision in my opinion, but they’re going to make up for it with a freaking awesome night – I’ve heard a brief description and it sounds really cool.

I’ll be volunteering at the Gala and apparently will be playing a part in the mayhem, so that should be fun.

But the coolest part so far has been the great design of the call for entries giveaway. It came in a cardboard cylinder with a screw-on cap. Inside was a canister full of straw like I was opening up a bomb. I took out the very-well done insert and the little black envelope.

Inside the envelope was a black flash drive with the Addy logo on the side. Stuck it in and automatically watched a video of a very 12 Monkey’s-esque scene of people running around in masks in a van and doing all sorts of crazy shenanigans. Good music – ok quality video, but great idea. After the video, you get links to send in your stuff and links for more Addy 2009 info.

Very cool. More pics of the insert after the jump!



I apologize for the weak scans. My printer/scanner combo sucks, and my clone stamping can only go so far.



Sorry for the stains. I’m not a slob – that’s the goo from the flash drive envelope sticking to it.