I'm rebuilding this site right now. So a lot of things may look broken. But what better motivation for me to finish it?

Mac Apps I Love

We all know we’re gonna use Figma, or Slack or Basecamp or some required work thing. But I have a ton of big and little apps I use daily to make using my computer or modifying files easier. I find myself reinstalling these every time I get a new computer. Didn’t want to forget any so putting this list here.

  • 1Password: Password manager, strong password generator, synced across everything.
  • Alfred: Simple file search and quick computer command utility.
  • Arc: Browser for having fun. Hate it for dev though, still prefer Chrome.
  • Bezel: App for previewing a real iPhone on screen for making mockups or videos.
  • Contrast: Menubar app for doing quick accessibility contrast checks.
  • Hand Mirror: Menubar app for quick hair and lighting checks before turning video on in meetings.
  • ImageOptim: Image optimizer for crunching image assets before using on web.
  • Jumpcut: Clipboard history. Can’t imagine my life before this.
  • Loom: Video recording and sharing.
  • Noizio: White noise app with all sorts of thing you can combine to dial in your ideal mood, and drown out the accountability partners meeting next to you at a coffee shop.
  • Nova: My favorite code editor.
  • Redacted: Quickly blur or black out parts of an image. Stupid simple UI, and has an iOS app.
  • Rotato: For fancy mockups.
  • Spline: 3D for little babies