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Bike Against Hunger – Stillwater

This Sunday, we will be holding our first Stillwater Ride Food Drive.

We will ride as a big no-drop group going from grocery store to grocery store to purchase canned goods. Anyone with a bike is welcome. We’ve got a few extra if you don’t have a bike, so let us know if you still want to ride!

It will be less than a 4-mile ride and you can ride as slowly as you want so don’t worry if you’re not the most astute rider.

We’re also gathering coats to donate to Salvation Army. You know North Face jackets aren’t cool anymore – so last year. So bring a coat and a bag to carry the cans.

Food Pyramid

So come out and ride your bike and feed people!

So if you’re in Stillwater and want to ride this Sunday @ 3, meet at Coney Island. We’ll ride from there!

Bonfire/cookout at the Haberdashery after!
Bring snacks or whatever you want. Anything helps.

More details to come!

We are not directly affiliated with the OKC Bike Against Hunger Drive. We are inspired by the idea, but want to give a local Stillwater alternative!

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