I'm rebuilding this site right now. So a lot of things may look broken. But what better motivation for me to finish it?


Recently, my friend Michael Biddy came to me asking for some cool blogs with cool things on them to add to his RSS feed. He’s a hobbyist photographer and appreciates good design, so I sent him a list of the best of my blogroll. I think it’s up to 155 now in my reader and I manage to keep up with it pretty good. But this list is the best design blogs and a few other random ones thrown in for good measure. Enjoy. Sorry for all the text. Too many to make feature pics for each one. You’ll have to go on the descriptions and cleverness of the blog titles to judge which ones to click on.

I’ve made my favorites a bit bigger.

[design] Space Invaders

[design] Dirty Mouse

[everything] Kitsune Noir

[art/stories] Missed Connections

[religion/movies] The Search

[music] OSU On

[graffiti] Wooster Collective

[design] Aisle One

[design/culture] The Apache House

[identity design] Brand New

[beauty] Design Is Mine

[design] Design Porn

[architecture & furniture] Dezeen

[package design] The Dieline

[design portfolios] Form55

[print design] For Print Only

[design/electronic music] ISO50

[package design] Lovely Package

[interior design/furniture] Nook

[fashion/photo] Sartorialist

[typography] Typography Served

[typography] We Love Typography

[fashion/photo] Wear Palettes

[photo] Sarah Rhoads

[design] Wanken Blog

[tech] Wired: Gadget Lab

[tech business] Wired: Epicenter

[ampersands/daily] Ampersand Ampersand

[stories/hell] Clients From Hell

[photo/design/daily] Destroy Every Day

[design/lomography] Emmadimes

[design/local] Foundry Collective

[typography] Friends of Type

[design/photo/local] Okie Creative

[photo] Zach Gray

[design] Reform Revolution

[funny/architecture] Unhappy Hipsters