I'm rebuilding this site right now. So a lot of things may look broken. But what better motivation for me to finish it?

my work

First (Certainly Not Last) Experience Creating Custom Icon Fonts

I try to use the most flexible formats as I can in my work. That means spending a little more time up-front creating assets that are scalable and editable, so I don’t need to recreate the wheel every time a size changes or we need a hover state for something. Sometimes that means extra CSS. First (Certainly Not Last) Experience Creating Custom Icon Fonts

Frank Chimero’s New Website and Owning Your Content

Before reading, go check out frankchimero.com. I won’t feel bad if you don’t come back. It doesn’t have his portfolio there yet. But it has so much else to explore that explains his process and influences. It’s got a few elements I’ve toyed with on this site, like links and quotes. But I love the Frank Chimero’s New Website and Owning Your Content

Oklahoma Rock

OklahomaRock.com just got a major upgrade thanks to Ty of iThemes Creative Services. Ty did all the site design and development, and I helped out with a new logo. I’ve kept up with OklahomaRock.com for a long time on their old site. So it’s awesome to see their new site with a lot of awesome Oklahoma Rock

The Redesign of iThemes.com

I’ve worked for iThemes since January 2010. Since I started working here, I’ve been making updates to our site – designing sidebar ads, new sales pages, adding custom post types for our content and products, and making little tweaks everywhere. But after 2 years of piling more and more into the old theme, we knew The Redesign of iThemes.com

Go Far Together

My boss always quotes an ancient Chinese proverb: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. It’s been one of our core values at iThemes. We all do greater work together than any of us could do alone. Update: We made this our customer focus for 2014. Go Far Together

Proverbs 11:2

Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Just a passage I’ve been reading lately. Watched the Rob Bell interview last night and began questioning how much I know for sure about what I say I believe with certainty. I’d rather be unsure and admit it than act like I know something that’s impossible Proverbs 11:2

U-too: Union Annex

The OSU Student Union is getting a major remodel over the next year. Over the summer (and probably a while after that), the largest student union in the world  is going to be under construction. So while they work, the dining and retail part of the Union first floor will be moved into 18 temporary U-too: Union Annex

Oklahoma iPhone Backgrounds

I’ve been working on another project recently (as in since last night) for Jake Sloan. Hopefully I’ll post some of the progress on here soon if we go this direction. It may involve using the Oklahoma flag re-illustration I did last year for an awesome local music project. No more details yet, but here are Oklahoma iPhone Backgrounds

Recent Work I Like

Working for the Student Union at OSU, I get a lot of projects I don’t particularly enjoy. But recently I’ve had a couple that have given me more freedom (and time) to work with. Here’s some recent work I’ve been doing for OSU University Dining Services. Sometimes I get to squeeze something cool past the Recent Work I Like


In honor of MLK day, I dug through my old blog archives. I made this iPhone background a little more than one year ago on my old blog. Put it on your iPhone for the day to remember this great leader. I made this early in the Obam-era, so I put CHANGE in the slider MLK