I'm rebuilding this site right now. So a lot of things may look broken. But what better motivation for me to finish it?


Oklahoma Rock

OklahomaRock.com just got a major upgrade thanks to Ty of iThemes Creative Services. Ty did all the site design and development, and I helped out with a new logo. I’ve kept up with OklahomaRock.com for a long time on their old site. So it’s awesome to see their new site with a lot of awesome Oklahoma Rock

A Blackwatch Christmas

Here’s another video from Nathan Poppe about local music made in Norman. I’ve been watching this video take shape every couple days when Nathan would show me what he changed, and I’m so excited that it’s finally out in the wild. Check out the video, and get the whole Fowler VW/Blackwatch Christmas album for free A Blackwatch Christmas

Sherree Chamberlain’s New Album

Sherree Chamberlain is about to start on her second album! So if you’re not yet familiar with Sherree’s music, go to ye old iTunes and check out her first album. But even more importantly, go to Kickstarter and help her make (and get your own copy of) her next album. I personally bloguarantee that you Sherree Chamberlain’s New Album

The Golden Age by Beck

This song can make any stressed out week calm down. The Golden Age by Beck: go to the full post to listen.

Dustbowl Arts Market Video by Nathan Poppe

My roommate, Nathan Poppe, is an incredibly talented videographer. Check out his latest creation — a video recap of last weekend’s Dustbowl Arts Market in Norman, OK. One of the best I’ve seen from Nathan yet. Check out his tumblr and twitter. Also, this music project he’s involved with called the VDub Sessions is one Dustbowl Arts Market Video by Nathan Poppe

New Kanye/Jay-Z Video by Spike Jonze Makes Me Like Rap For 3 Minutes and 16 Seconds

September Mix

No fancy, existential title this time. No mystical underpinnings. Just a mix full of music I’ve been enjoying this summer and in the past few weeks. I was afraid that if I didn’t actually sit down and make a mix, some of the more summery songs on this one would never make it onto a September Mix

April? Mix

Thanks to the whining of Matt Danner, here’s another monthly mix. This month’s theme is uncertainty and questions. Specifically about God. I am a Christian. I have been in a Christian family my entire life. But I never want to pretend I have things figured out. The more I learn, the less I know. So, April? Mix

ON House Show Strikes Again

O’Colly On is a music blog focusing on local Oklahoma music, both in & out of Stillwater. They’ve done some interviews and videos that you should check out. But the coolest thing they’ve done lately is house shows! They clear out a house and bring in some local musicians to play a free show. I ON House Show Strikes Again

March Is About Success!

Ok this month’s mix is meant to have more of a sarcastic, irreverent tone. With graduation looming a couple months away and Oklahoma’s everlasting winter the past few months, it hasn’t really been prime for a happy music mix. But with job opportunities and new projects coming up, and the first day of the year March Is About Success!