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  1. Oklahoma Rock

    Leave a Comment just got a major upgrade thanks to Ty of iThemes Creative Services. Ty did all the site design and development, and I helped out with a new logo. I’ve kept up with for a long time on their old site. So it’s awesome to see their new site with a lot of awesome new functionality built on our WordPress theme, Builder. And Ty did a great job of integrating the logo into the site.

    It’s kind of an abstract buffalo skull/record/locomotive. Didn’t want to just do another Oklahoma flag drawing or an obvious buffalo thing, so making it more of a rough shape with a couple possible ambiguous interpretations was fun. I was really excited to get to work on something like this for Ryan.













  2. Sherree Chamberlain’s New Album

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    Sherree Chamberlain is about to start on her second album!

    So if you’re not yet familiar with Sherree’s music, go to ye old iTunes and check out her first album. But even more importantly, go to Kickstarter and help her make (and get your own copy of) her next album. I personally bloguarantee that you will love it.

    Go support Sherree’s album now. →

    Disclaimer: My roommate made this video. That’s my fireplace.
    Also, I am madly in love with this woman.

  3. Shop Good Mustache Bash

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    Shop Good is having their annual Mustache Bash next week on August 10. Music, food, cool glasses, OKC hipster royalty.

    Shop Good is one of the coolest shops in OKC. They’re on 9th & Broadway and basically sell anything and everything cool — clothes, shoes, wallets, glasses (I’ve bought 2 pairs of Warby Parkers through them), cards, locally-printed t-shirts, jewelry — and so many more cool things I can’t think to categorize. Everything they sell in the store is socially responsible, fairly traded or connected to a local or international community development project. Cool people behind the shop too.

    And there’s no better time to take in Shop Good than at their annual Mustache Bash on August 10. Learn more about it here or one Facebook. They’ve got a nice looking new site and brand too.

    And no, I didn’t do any work on this. Just think it’s a really awesome shop in my increasingly awesome city and think you should check them out and attend this year’s Mustache Bash.

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  4. Oklahoma iPhone Backgrounds

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    I’ve been working on another project recently (as in since last night) for Jake Sloan. Hopefully I’ll post some of the progress on here soon if we go this direction. It may involve using the Oklahoma flag re-illustration I did last year for an awesome local music project. No more details yet, but here are some somewhat associated iPhone backgrounds for your digital enjoyment. Colors are pulled from the Oklahoma flag. I have the blue on white on my phone right now. Click each image for the full size and resolution to download and they should fit quite nicely into your iPhone.

    If you want, try making your own Oklahoma flag background and adding your own ideas. Remember to save at 180ppi and make sure to let me see! Either post a comment with a link or e-mail me and maybe I’ll post it on here.