I'm rebuilding this site right now. So a lot of things may look broken. But what better motivation for me to finish it?


U-too: Union Annex

The OSU Student Union is getting a major remodel over the next year. Over the summer (and probably a while after that), the largest student union in the world  is going to be under construction. So while they work, the dining and retail part of the Union first floor will be moved into 18 temporary U-too: Union Annex

Recent Work I Like

Working for the Student Union at OSU, I get a lot of projects I don’t particularly enjoy. But recently I’ve had a couple that have given me more freedom (and time) to work with. Here’s some recent work I’ve been doing for OSU University Dining Services. Sometimes I get to squeeze something cool past the Recent Work I Like

Healthy Union Branding

I designed a logo last semester for the new Healthy Union program at OSU, encouraging Student Union employees to live healthier lives by giving incentives for specific program participation. The program is still being developed and they asked me to work on an identity for it. My first attempt was sent back, looking for a Healthy Union Branding

Very Very Very Successful

This was my final response for my Internet Communications class. This was the best class I’ve taken at OSU. It made me think. It made me try. Jason Collington asked us this question. After taking this class, how do I plan to continue to separate from the pack so I can get a job and Very Very Very Successful

Stout Coffee

I’ve been working on a 36×90 banner for Stout Coffee at OSU for a couple weeks off and on. It’s a large banner to fill up a ridiculously blank green wall. The lame part about the place is that the back half looks very late 90s youth group lounge and the front half has a Stout Coffee

Identity Work

I haven’t done any identity design in about a year, and this week I’ve done two. And another one a few weeks ago. These two are works in progress for the OSU Student Union health initiative and Poke Your Vote. The Healthy Union brand is a tentative name of the OSU Student Union health program. Identity Work

Break Away

I’m in an Internet Communications class this semester, and until about 10 minutes ago I was the only person here with a blog. Last week, I was the only person with a web site. This is shocking to me. I figured, people at least have a Xanga or something. Apparently, I’m much more of a Break Away

Bookstore Buybacks

The OSU Student Union Bookstore has 3 problems at the end of the year: Competition for textbook buybacks from 100 other places in & out of town, including sororities, charities, eBay, and other private and corporate bookstores. Professors wait until 2 weeks after the deadline to get next year’s book lists in, keeping students from Bookstore Buybacks

The [Super] Big Event

OSU does a mass community service project every year called The Big Event. This year, they’ve assigned us the posters at work. There will 11x17s and A-frames. So I’ve been working on this new poster this week. I suggested using original illustrations to my boss, but the client is set on actual superhero imagery – The [Super] Big Event

New Job – New Printers!

So I’m pretty excited that with my new job at Student Union Marketing, comes a new fancy printer I get to use every day. 3 new fancy printers to be exact: laser b&w, large format roll printer, and this beauty pictured above. Prints off 100 11x17s in a couple minutes – beautiful color – beautiful New Job – New Printers!