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The Crazy Ones

RIP Steve Jobs. 1955-2011

Timbuk2 Brand Experience

I used 4 messenger bags throughout college. 3 of which were bought at thrift stores for less than $2 each. So when I got a real job (a post about that coming soon), I decided to invest in a good messenger. Considering I ride 2 miles to work every day with a $2000 laptop in Timbuk2 Brand Experience

If Sigur Ros Made TextEdit

Why isn’t more care taken to improve the design of software interface? I hate Microsoft Word because it is cluttered, ugly and inefficient. I love Pages because it manages to handle the same task without being ugly. But when I just want to write something to remember it and it never needs to enter a If Sigur Ros Made TextEdit

100% of Teens Want iPods – 0% Want Zunes

I am a wholehearted Apple fanboy and Zune hater, but I never expected numbers like this. I thought there were at least a few teens out there who hate Macs and hipsters and fun, and things like that. But 100% iPod!? That’s a pretty incredible market share. News doesn’t get much worse than this for 100% of Teens Want iPods – 0% Want Zunes


I have been blogging on WordPress using traditional blog themes for a couple years now, but figured it was time for a change from the traditional blog look. I’ve decided to go with a minimal layout, like my portfolio site. Thanks to Upstart Blogger for the code to get started with a fresh theme. I’ll AdBrad

Now Entering the Shadowlands

This could be the nerdiest post to ever reach your eyes. I just recently downloaded an MS-DOS emulator on my Mac so I can run original PC MS-DOS 8-bit games on my computer.  This sort of stemmed from my newfound obsession with pixel-art. I have not been this excited in a long time.  I just Now Entering the Shadowlands

Why Google Will Win

thanks to Dear Jane Sample