I'm rebuilding this site right now. So a lot of things may look broken. But what better motivation for me to finish it?

Comic Relief

shredder-cover-smallLately I’ve been reading a lot of blogs – or should I just say looking at a lot of them – usually not much to read at AisleOne & Form55. So I’ve been reading and reading you know all these design-related, serious things. So it was great to get a break today by reading some old TMNT comics. I was kinda into comics as a kid – my cousin and I were big superhero buffs, but mostly TV shows and video games. But I’m loving the comic art and the cheesy puns.

So I got a couple old TMNT comics at the new comic shop in OKC over the break. Found out they’re totally unrelated as the story goes and they’re years apart, but I did manage to get the 2 coolest covers in the batch. I’ll be hitting up eBay and my local Stillwater comic shops to get the other issues from the one I started reading first – which is apparently from 1998 – a bit after the TMNT’s prime, but still interesting.

So I recommend picking up a comic book  or 2 if your daily blog roll is getting a bit too mundane for you. It helped me get out of a funk this afternoon.