Electrologo + Electrolytes = G

Gatorade rebranded a few months ago, but I realize I never posted about it. I’m using this addition to the rebrand to post in ultimate approval of the new logo.

They have  kept, and incorporated, the classic lightning bolt into the new big G. Also, the G has taken over as their major symbol in their new TV campaign.


It’s simple, typography-centric, and clean. The original designs were even simpler, with a transparent label sporting the white G. Beautiful.


According to The Dieline, these special edition bottles, designed in honor of Super Bowl XLIII, will be provided only to the team members and be present only on the field after the game. Great IMC/PR move by the big G. I’ll be rooting for the Steelers, because one of my roommates, Podge, is a huge fan, and gets psychotically angry when they lose. A loss in a game of this magnitude could be very bad for the state of our living room. So go Steelers! Also, I hate the Cardinal red color against the lime green Gatorade color. Black looks better.



info courtesy of the wildly successful package design blog The Dieline.