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Go Far Together

My boss always quotes an ancient Chinese proverb:

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

It’s been one of our core values at iThemes. We all do greater work together than any of us could do alone.

Update: We made this our customer focus for 2014. Check out the full page with the updated design ithemes.com/go-far-together

So because of this motto, he wanted me to make a poster for our office that said “Go far together.” When we had some new offices put it at iThemes (by new offices, we mean new walls that make offices out of the old warehouse space we’re in), we created a new long empty wall. We decided it could be much cooler to paint this idea 7 feet tall on the wall, instead of just printing a poster. So Kristen, Elise and I got to work painting last week, and we think it looks pretty awesome.

Kristen and her husband helped put together this time lapse of us painting it.

Here’s a clearer version of the design. I was particularly excited about the modified arrow forms along the bottom of “far.”

Although after seeing this article, maybe I should have asked Cory for stock, instead of salary: http://dcurt.is/artist-will-make-200-million-in-facebook-ipo