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If Sigur Ros Made TextEdit

Why isn’t more care taken to improve the design of software interface? I hate Microsoft Word because it is cluttered, ugly and inefficient. I love Pages because it manages to handle the same task without being ugly. But when I just want to write something to remember it and it never needs to enter a print format, I use TextEdit. It’s fast, efficient, and small.

If TextEdit is Times New Roman, Ommwriter is Helvetica Neue Ultralight.

Ommwriter is the first software I can remember using that almost made me cry. It’s like playing Flower for PS3. A beautiful experience. I bet Sigur Ros uses this software to write their songs. I almost¬†subconsciously¬†wrote a haiku when I first opened the application.

I realize I used a lot of hyperbole and metaphors in this post. Just watch the video and download the software to get the full experience for yourself. Mac only for now.