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Make People’s Lives Awesome

My boss laid out a mission for our company at our last retreat — “Make people’s lives awesome.” Everything we do at work has the same goal to improve both our lives and the customers we make stuff for. So as a reminder to that mission, we decided to slap it on the wall in really big awesome letters.

I set it in Acropolis, one of my favorite typefaces lately for chunky, character-soaked type. Pun definitely intended. I love the Ks and the Es especially.

Not sure if you can tell from the photos, but the letters are made of foam. Yep. Styrofoam. I know, I know, not the most environmentally-friendly material. But we thought it was a really interesting option for a low-cost material. And (other than the meticulous alignment and kerning attention) it was fairly easy to mount on the wall.

We’ll be adding a grid of frames on the right half of the wall later today. We’ll be putting customer testimonials and memorable staff photos and jokes in the frames to give people (and staff) a quick look at our company culture when they walk in the door. Cory and I have been talking a lot about injecting our company culture into our space in creative ways, and this is kind of the first real representation that we’ve tried. Once it was all up, I was definitely happy with the final result.

We laid it out in the Div and considered painting the front white to give it an extra bright pop off the wall, but we tested it on one of the letters and didn’t make much of a difference.

I kinda want to just get this part of it recut and put it in my office at home above my computer.

The alignment was the hardest part. Kerning everything by eye with Matt keeping everything level. Worth the extra effort though to see it complete just as I imagined it.

I was really happy with the dimension of the final piece.