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March Is About Success!

Ok this month’s mix is meant to have more of a sarcastic, irreverent tone. With graduation looming a couple months away and Oklahoma’s everlasting winter the past few months, it hasn’t really been prime for a happy music mix. But with job opportunities and new projects coming up, and the first day of the year over 60 degrees, it’s time for a change. So this mix is about the idea of success and expectations, countered by just wanting to have fun and relax. It’s really just music I felt like listening to when the sun came out this week.

The album cover is made from ladders. You know, the ones you’re supposed to climb.


Track list:

Super Pipe House / Videogame Orchestra
Giving Up The Gun / Vampire Weekend
Lessons Learned / Matt & Kim
Re: stacks (Tomas Barfod Remix)/ Bon Iver
Boy Lilikoi / Jonsi
Re: stacks (Tomas Barfod Remix)/ Bon Iver
Your Hand In Mine / Expolosions in the Sky
Pictures of Success / Rilo Kiley
The Golden Age / Beck
Billie Holiday / Miike Snow
Orange Shirt / Discovery
The W.A.N.D. / The Flaming Lips
2080 / Yeasayer
Walking On A Dream / Empire of the Sun
The 59th Street Bridge Song / Simon & Garfunkel