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Meta Mailer

I recently received a direct mail piece that I didn’t immediately throw in the trash.

The mailer was a booklet set up to look like a folder on a desk. I know – really original, right? Kind of looked like an iWeb preset theme or an iDVD menu. If you don’t have a Mac, don’t try to figure out that sentence. But, as cliché as the idea may have been, it was well produced and cleanly designed so I gave it the time of day. Also they flattered me with the headline: Marketing Intelligence for Ad Professionals. They got me from an Ad Age list because that’s the only magazine I get with my full name Bradford on the list.

It was a compelling piece that showed how some prominent companies are using direct mail creatively and effectively. Also, the back page contained the free DVD and $5 coffee card offer – they hooked me. It worked.

So who would be sending this piece to me? A direct mail marketing agency? Ad Age? Nope. It was the US Postal Service, trying to encourage ad professionals to use more direct mail in a slow economy. I never thought of a government agency advertising directly for business before. Fascinating campaign.

Downside was the “personalized web site” to sign up, mentioned in the back spread, looked exactly like a direct mail piece. Basic form with a background jpg that looked like it was pulled right from the mailer.

It was good/fascinating enough to me to send in the reply form and take the time to scan it in and write about it, so I guess they did a pretty good job.