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Minimalist Typography Idea

This started as a doodle in class, and I eventually brought it into Illustrator to reuse the basic forms as much as possible. I tried to cut out the unnecessary parts of the letters while still keeping them legible. It might take some thought to get through, but hopefully not enough to make you stop reading. This is definitely for use in a display setting, not for paragraph text.

I may make a version of it with all dotted lines and make it a super-ink-friendly font by taking out all unnecessary use of ink to print it. That was the initial idea. To make a font that isn’t wasteful of time, brain activity, or ink.

I haven’t yet spent the time (or money on decent software) to make it a usable font. But you can download the .ai file here. If you use it, please send me a link to where you used it! Would love to see it in action!

EDIT: If you like this idea, read this article. Same concept of minimal forms and legibility, but very different, more useful application. http://ilovetypography.com/2012/04/19/the-design-of-a-signage-typeface/