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New Ad Format on TNW

The Next Web redesigned their site recently and introduced a new full-page intro ad format.

This is actually quite a beautiful animation and design on the ad itself, but this model feels like the content is the new annoying banner ad, bouncing on the edge of the screen.

I actually clicked on the first ad I saw this way for Evernote, but not because it was especially engaging, but because I didn’t know how to get to the content. The call to action was “get started” so I thought that would let me read the article. But it sent me to Evernote’s homepage instead. So I guess it works!

I’m interested to see how this does, but my first thoughts are this is really overwhelming. I’d rather not have to chase down the content I came there for. But at least it’s better than the evasive close button on a moving banner ad…I think.