I'm rebuilding this site right now. So a lot of things may look broken. But what better motivation for me to finish it?

Inspired by Atheism

Inspired by my atheist business law professor’s critical thinking segment, I’ve made some wallpapers to remind myself what my faith really stands for – as well as what it doesn’t stand for.

Christianity is not necessarily: nationalism, charity, republicans, war, hate, and hypocrisy.

Christianity can be admirable: community, generosity, otherworldly, peaceful, loving, and truthful.

I’m inspired by my professor’s unbelief to make certain what I believe and why I believe it. Asking questions. Wondering why? Pushing boundaries – not just to be rebellious, but to really be certain – to test my faith.

I watched the Satan Debate on Nightline tonight from Mars Hill church in Seattle. Really short, cut down version, of an obviously lengthy debate. I’m wanting to watch the debate in its entirety online. Seemed like Mark Driscoll didn’t get much time to elaborate on anything, and was left with a simple evangelistic message when they cut down the footage. Also, some people seemed misrepresented when ABC cut it down to a 30-minute program.¬†Watch clips here:

Nightline Face Off: Does Satan Exist?

So here are the wallpapers. Same message – different methods. The swoopy one is thanks to the design by Bartelme Design. I’m working on making my own version with my tablet and some photoshop effects, but for now, I borrowed the lines. Also on this one, if you look closely in the bottom right corner, you can see a 12% opacity, classic Sunday school image of Christ. Cuz that’s what it’s all about anyway.

The second design with the gray gradient, I made using scans of some badges I ripped from an old thrift store U.S. issue Air Force jacket. I was reading Don Miller’s Searching For God Knows What and got very frustrated with the nationalist ideals and war imagery that the modern church has gotten so caught up in. Essentially, I ripped the logo off a pretty cool jacket. I’m going to try to make a series of this poster with a different symbolic pic on the left lined to an attribute (or disattribute) of the Church.

[EDIT] Added the 2nd one in the series – the gun.

It’s a daily reminder to me when I see it on my computer, if my screen is ever uncluttered enough, and I hope it affects my daily life as much as the Gospel should.

1920 x 1200

1920 x 1200

[EDIT] recently added 1920 x 1200