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November It Well

My RSS reader has 113 blogs in it. Currently it has 339 unread posts because I was in Oklahoma City all day for the OKC AdClub Career Day. The brand director for Shiner was there to show off their spectacular branding. I digress. Back to the title of this post.

Kitsune Noir is one of the few blogs I never miss a post from. He blogs about design, music, film and culture. His blog is basically a mash-up of the other 112 blogs I subscribe to. You should go check out his site. It’s a beautiful WordPress blog with a lot to offer. He also posts “Mixcasts” pretty regularly. Always great mood mixes.

I made a November mix a couple weeks ago. It’s a lot of old and some new stuff. But, the main idea is it’s music that is suited for November. So here’s a mixcast of my own, called November It Well.

Download it here.



Roots – Water


  • Tyler Smith says:

    I was a bit disappointed that Shire girl stated their target demographic as basically young men, yet not of their sites are iPhone friendly, they don’t have an iPhone app, and their Fb page isn’t all that great or loved on. You’d think a basic mobile site would be in order, if not a really slick one.

  • adbrad says:

    Seriously. I loved the style of their print work, but they are still using pretty old fashioned media.

    But that Foreign Beer Exchange thing they set up at ACL was a pretty awesome idea. I was actually there and walked past it from our parking spot on the way to the festival every day. But, I also didn’t realize it was for Shiner. It just looked like an official thing that would be in Austin, so we just never went in. haha

  • Wes says:

    I sort of think every mixtape should end with the Tallest Man. Just saying. Good looking blog btw.

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