November It Well

My RSS reader has 113 blogs in it. Currently it has 339 unread posts because I was in Oklahoma City all day for the OKC AdClub Career Day. The brand director for Shiner was there to show off their spectacular branding. I digress. Back to the title of this post.

Kitsune Noir is one of the few blogs I never miss a post from. He blogs about design, music, film and culture. His blog is basically a mash-up of the other 112 blogs I subscribe to. You should go check out his site. It’s a beautiful WordPress blog with a lot to offer. He also posts “Mixcasts” pretty regularly. Always great mood mixes.

I made a November mix a couple weeks ago. It’s a lot of old and some new stuff. But, the main idea is it’s music that is suited for November. So here’s a mixcast of my own, called November It Well.

Download it here.



Roots – Water