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Our Wedding

Around 9pm on June 30, 2012 I married Sherree Jane Chamberlain on the rooftop of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

We led everyone to believe that we had been married earlier that night in a private ceremony before the reception. After we had some time to say hi to friends and family at the reception and after our dads, maid of honor and best man gave toasts, we surprised everyone and had the ceremony right there on the roof. We read the vows we had written for each other, exchanged rings and danced the rest of the night with our family and friends. I couldn’t have imagined a better celebration. And I’m so thankful to all of our friends and family who helped us put it all together and helped us party on the roof that night. It was a beautiful night worthy of my beautiful bride.

Here are just a few of the photos that Josh McCullock took for us that day. He was awesome.

Suit and tie from J.Crew. My dad’s gold cufflinks. Belt from Tanner Goods.

First look at the Colcord Hotel in Oklahoma City.

Sherree made all of the decorations for the wedding. She had never seen everything together until Lindsay and Holly from Gibson Events set it all up the day of. And it looked even better than we could have imagined.

Derek and Travis from Warpaint Clothing helped me to screen print this poster the day before the wedding. Go buy stuff in their store. They’re awesome guys and I can’t thank them enough for helping us get it done last minute.

I designed the poster as our guestbook, having everyone sign as witnesses to the wedding. The illustration is a representation of the Museum of Art rooftop and glass tower entrance.

My groomsmen: Poppe, Podge, Spmag, Kevin and Biddy.

Sherree’s nephew Ben.

Ben breakdancing in those white suede Bucs.

Our beautiful city.

[Update]: Two of my groomsmen are unfortunately two of the best videographers in OKC. They filmed my sister’s wedding and countless other friends weddings. But I wanted them to be a part of the ceremony. So we got a few other guys to film our wedding and has Travis to edit it. He did an amazing job. And here it is.