I'm rebuilding this site right now. So a lot of things may look broken. But what better motivation for me to finish it?

Pixel Art

I have found a new love and her name is pixel art. I saw it first on Miami Ad School’s web site. I did a bit of research to figure out how to do it and what exactly it is. eBoy is apparently the premier group of 8-bit pixel art designers. It’s basically designing graphics like old NES games, but making them look as 3D as possible. Check out eBoy’s work here.

Here’s my sad first attempt at pixel art. And yes, it is Leonardo – the Ninja Turtle. Took me a little over an hour just to make him. It’s pretty complex, especially considering my perfectionist personality.

Here’s the original pic that i used to draw him from.

It takes some serious concentration to create one of these silly little graphics, but it was totally worth it when i was done. I’ll for sure be doing some more of them in the future. Maybe make my own pixel artwork like eBoy and make gigantic compositions of 80s cartoon characters. Yes. I think I’ll do that. You just wait.