I'm rebuilding this site right now. So a lot of things may look broken. But what better motivation for me to finish it?

Freelance and fun

Here are some things I've designed for friends, family and freelance over the years.

Italy Itinerary

We took a family vacation to Italy right before the pandemic hit. I initially made a Sketch file to visualize our trip planning calendar, that eventually turned into a website itinerary that I could reference from my phone throughout our trip.

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Ireland Itinerary

I did the same thing, but less complicated (and not at all finished) for our trip to Ireland in 2022. I eventually turned this one into a monster Google doc instead of the website. But it was fun to play with.

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Read Only Co.

I'm planning to print some high-quality, letterpressed bookmarks. I have a handful of designs ready. But you know what's cheaper than small runs of letterpress gold foil printing? Designing a logo and a building a website. So I did that first, and built this complicated landing page. I finally learned how to use position: sticky and related post types (for the books at the bottom) and a bunch of other fun stuff to build it. Now I just have to do the real product part. You can go to the website and sign up to be notified when I launch them. But I've included a video here of the product page and some of the elements I'm really proud of.

Read Only Co. Website

The Voyager Presentation

A few friends of ours decided we were going to do PowerPoints for each other on random things we were passionate about, with varying degrees of seriousness. I took it perhaps too seriously, when I made this 60-slide Keynote about the Voyager missions. I had a fun time going deep and researching and creating this, as the Voyager Golden Record has always been an object of curiosity to me. So I was excited to share my passion for it with my friends, and get to design a presentation not for work. You may notice the project above came out of this curiosity. I designed a series of bookmarks inspired by the Voyager missions, and included a list of books on the website for it that I came across during my research for this presentation.

Check out the PDF

Box Box Box

My friends and I (some of the same from the project above) got into Formula 1 racing the past few years because of the Drive to Survive Netflix show. We started our own fantasy draft, because we hated the official F1 fantasy site. So I built us a simple site to track our stats. I haven't kept up with it as much this year, as our rules have gotten more complex and harder to dynamically keep score. If you're into F1, you'll get the title. Logo by last year's league winner Scott Hill.


OKC Food List

When I worked at Sonic, I got mad that every time an agency would come to town, they'd go to Starbucks and the same 3 restaurants in Bricktown. So I built a website to list my favorite coffee shops and restaurants they should go to instead. It also has a little icon showing which ones are walkable from downtown hotels. And you can switch between a list and grid view.

OKC Food List


I worked on the visual design for a Bible Study app called WordGo. I collaborated on this with the guys at Future Haus, who did the wireframes and the development. I brought the wireframes to life visually and helped troubleshoot some of the interactions and navigation concepts with their team.


I worked on the visual design for an app and website resource for new moms called MomCircle. I collaborated on this with the guys at Future Haus, who did the wireframes and the development.

Selling our house

I made a website for selling our house a few years ago. We knew the realtor pictures wouldn't do it justice, so we had my sister some take some photos and made this site to share on social media. We sold it the first weekend. I'd like to give credit to the website, but my wife's an interior designer, so she did the real work here.

Check it out


I often build little prototypes or experiments, whatever you want to call them. Bringing a visual idea to life in the browser is so satisfying. I'll try to update this over time with more clips of these experiments.

This first one was inspired by a guitar pedal I want to buy. I had an idea for an interactive pedal feature walkthrough. I played around with some CSS filter effects to make it look like the lights were flickering, or an old TV shorting out. Maybe I'll polish it up a bit more and pitch it to the guys at OBNE.


You know that awkward pause to see who volunteers to go first in a status meeting or design review? I created this to make that awkwardness more fun. You just hit spacebar to start and stop the randomizer. Future features include music, a slow click click click like Wheel of Fortune before selection, and more blinking lights.


In the weeks leading up to our kids being born, I made them both simple little websites. I reserved their domains once we decided on their names, and couldn't just leave them blank. Henry's has a color theme switcher at the bottom. And Goldie's has a cool effect when you hover over any text. The letters are activated in a path where you hover, and loop through their animation indefinitely.



This website

Here's a little inception moment for you. I've been updating this site for years. I wrote a little more about it here.