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Quotes to remember

The answer to dissatisfaction or busyness isn’t to slow down. It’s not to practice mindfulness or notice the small things. Those are just more items on our shoulds and supposed-to-do lists.

To reverse busyness as a habit and dissatisfaction as a result, we must employ a limiter. A limiter is a device or setting that allows inputs up to a certain level but disallows inputs above that level.

Your career, like your life, moves forward whether you think about it or not. If you don’t think about it, then you’re putting faith in the winds. Maybe you’ll end up somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Maybe not. Why take that chance when you can captain your own sails?

With small teams, the output, whether it’s an app, web site or any other product, represents the people behind it and the tremendous amount of effort they expended to make it. And it’s common for those people to willingly put their name on it, taking accountability for what’s great and what needs to be improved.

Gall’s Law states that ‘all complex systems that work evolved from simpler systems that worked’ and that ‘a complex system designed from scratch never works’. Next time you tackle a complex project: try to defer decisions, learn along the way and trust in iteration.

Organizations that aren’t fixated on creating great user experiences are usually saddled with poor user experiences. A great user experience only comes about through constant diligence and attention. If the organization isn’t paying attention, it’s unlikely they stumbled on one by chance.

Copenhagen has calculated that for each kilometer cycled by a resident, society reaps a benefit of $0.64, whereas each kilometer driven costs us $0.71 in impacts on health, safety and the environment.

Non-coercive marketing is about radical honesty. It’s about being courageous enough to say what’s true, even if it’s unpopular, unflattering, or dredges up insecurities. It’s about leaning into full authenticity and openness, because that’s how you stand out, find the others, and build deep relationships in a world where most marketing is inauthentic performance art.

As artists, we are at the bleeding edge of a technological bell curve which is slowly spanning the entire population. We’ve been placed at the peak of a pyramid 10,000 years tall, and we act like we can’t call a truce with our inboxes for long enough to go spend meaningful time with our kids.