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You have the right to pursue a purpose greater than yourself and your company.

You have the right to decide your own priorities and determine your own tasks in the dogged pursuit of that purpose.

You have the right to work with people that inspire you, trust you, challenge you, and empower you to do the best work of your career. You are not merely the agent of someone else’s ambitions.

You have the right to fail responsibly. To try, to learn, to grow.

You have the right to admit that you can’t predict the future.

You have the right to influence decisions that directly impact you and your efforts.

You have the right to know how you’re being measured, who is doing the measuring, and what result that measurement will have.

You have the right to be governed by rules you actually understand and can remember.

You have the right to improve what you’ve already built. To tinker until you’re satisfied that it suits your customer.

You have the right to empower others. To bridge the expanse between your organization and the outside world. To respect the rights of your customers and users as you want your rights respected.

Most of all, you have the right to make things better for everyone.

We help the largest and most influential organizations on the planet become responsive to an ever-changing world because we believe large organizations should be habitable for human beings. We think labor should respect the human condition along with human potential. We also think there’s no greater service and no greater endeavor than to help others achieve these rights as well as demand them from ourselves.