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In the above [T-shaped] model, extending our expectation of breadth leads away from the assigned focus. We can argue that this thinking can lead to a binary understanding of subjects themselves — perhaps even a limited understanding of the self. Many creatives are asked “are you a ‘systems-thinker‘ or are you a ‘story-teller‘?” The choice can be excruciating and can limit the very core understanding of the interplay between these modes of thought. If we were to bend the metaphorical cross-bar of this “T” we might realize that varying levels of depth across a range of subjects result in unexpected combinations.

We quickly realize in this example that a common binary, math vs. art, is just a perception and our linear understanding of subjects bends. Whether the ends meet and you see poetry in science is up to you. But be it circle or spiral, we no longer see ourselves as a T-shaped practitioner, but a concentric practitioner. This mirrors less the linear, destination-based growth we tend to adopt. Instead it allows us to mirror the rings on a tree. Staying ourselves at the core, but constantly adding, growing in wisdom.