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Invest in your process. A rock-solid process — a series of repeatable actions — is the golden goose to building creative confidence. These actions include: a) thoroughly exploring every idea you or your trusted peers can come up with. This might feel time-consuming and unexciting, but it’s also a pretty simple math equation: if you have explored literally every single option, you will also have come up with the best solution. As you become stronger in your craft, you’ll develop a keener sense for how to discard unpromising paths earlier so you can more quickly get to the best solution, but if you are stuck, never doubt the power of brute force; b) getting lots of early feedback from as many smart people as you can. Even if you hear different or conflicting things, understanding the range of viewpoints ensures you will consider the tradeoffs carefully. And if you start hearing that everyone agrees your solution is obvious, then great. Your work here is done; c) connecting with the real people you’re building for. It’s hard to overestimate the power of user research. Done well, it gives you an unparalleled understanding of the why behind how people think and what they do. Nothing builds confidence like research that validates the problem you’re solving is real, and that the solution you’ve come up with is really working for people.