I'm rebuilding this site right now. So a lot of things may look broken. But what better motivation for me to finish it?

A trend with designers I’ve noticed: speed and title inflation. What I’ve come to understand is much of it has to do with designers feeling confident about their progress as creative talent and a sense of progression in their career. This is a intriguing and concerning to me because career growth and development is non-linear and shouldn’t be perceived as such. There‚Äôs ups, downs, and gaps in design careers just like any other. It’s ok to go from being a ‘senior’ level IC to a ‘junior’ manager or some other new role. The switch alone is a good progress.

The development of creative talent and skills over time is also non-linear. Learning is a slow process. Creative talent and learning skills is something that is best nurtured, mentored, and experienced by doing. Inflating your title isn’t going mask a lack of truth development.

Designers are moving too fast. All of us need to slow the fuck down. I attribute much of this to Silicon Valley’s culture permeating the field of design. Fuck the FOMO of new tech and jumping from one co to the next. It’s ok to spend 2 years on the same team or problem space.

This need to move fast and grow fast isn’t healthy nor sustainable for a long-term career in design. You lose so much in moving fast as a designer from quality to skills to durability. Speed and title inflation will not make you more attractive or respected. Earn it, over time.