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No doubt, the ability of generative models to generate an infinite number of variations of every asset used in marketing — and perhaps eventually entertainment and media — based on our own preferences and interests will usher in a more personalized digital world. The significance of the shift from “generalized media” to “personalized media” cannot be overstated. Our digital worlds will soon be tailored to our interests in unfathomable ways. On the one hand, personalized experiences are likely to make marketing more effective. Brands have a precious opportunity to make us all feel “known” in our every interaction. But with the deluge of personalized content — especially if we all end up having different endings of the next Succession or great mini series — comes the death of shared experiences. Songs or shows feel special when they are shared experiences we can discuss with friends and co-workers. Therefore, I also anticipate a purposeful resistance against this trend. I am fascinated by this tension between personalized experiences and shared moments.