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Searching For God Knows What

Excerpt from Donald Miller’s book, Searching For God Knows What:

When you read the book [John] you start realizing that people who were very close to John read this essay and got to the end and started crying because John was telling them he was going to leave, and then I’ll bet at his funeral everybody was standing around thinking about how John knew he was going to die and told them in his book. And I’ll bet they sat around that night at somebody’s house, and somebody who had a very good reading voice lit a candle, and they all lay on the floor and sat on pillows. The children sat quietly and the man with the voice read through the book, from beginning to end, and they thought together about Jesus as the man read John’s book, and when it came to the end where John says he is going to die, the person who was reading got choked up and started to cry. Somebody else, maybe John’s wife or one of his daughters, had to go over and read the end of it, and when she was finished they sat around for a long time and some people probably stayed the night so the house wouldn’t feel empty. It makes you want to live in a community like that when you think about the way things were when Jesus touched people.

A community like that might seem far-fetched, but when you read through John’s other books, the short ones, all he talks about is if you know Jesus, you will love your brother and sister, and anybody who talked that much about loving your brother and sister was probably the most beloved person in their community, and when he died, people would have felt a certain pain about it for a long, long time.

Wow. I love his writing style. Donald Miller has a way in this book, and in Blue Like Jazz, of making the writers of the Bible seem so much more personal and real. It makes me want to go re-read the whole New Testament with a whole new perspective. New Year’s Resolution? I think so.

I recommend both of these books:

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