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September Mix

No fancy, existential title this time. No mystical underpinnings. Just a mix full of music I’ve been enjoying this summer and in the past few weeks. I was afraid that if I didn’t actually sit down and make a mix, some of the more summery songs on this one would never make it onto a mix. So listen to it fast. Like today, to get it in before summer’s over.

I’ve been wanting to use this fence on something for a while. I bought a house at the beginning of the summer and this picket fence has shown up in my sketches a lot. Usually it’s a sarcastic reference to the quintessential¬†American Dream. Here’s my first use of the fence.

I made it a bit less patriotic for the mix.

Click the CD to download.

[download id=”2″] downloads so far.


  • adbrad says:

    Leaving a comment to show Mikaela you can leave a comment.

  • Mikaela :) says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how into David Bazan I am these days. Thanks for introducing me to him!

    I can’t believe your playlist has almost 60 downloads… that’s completely ridiculous. You’re so legit! I love that people trust your taste so much.

    My favorite song from this is the Broken Bells one. So good! I think I’m gonna make a playlist one of these days.

    P.S. You have your own playlist on my iPod now. You’re pretty much a big deal.

  • adbrad says:

    Glad you’re enjoying the mix. And Bazan.

    My last mix has like 250 downloads. They get around.

    Looking forward to you mix! On your blog? I think so.

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