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Shop Good Mustache Bash

Shop Good is having their annual Mustache Bash next week on August 10. Music, food, cool glasses, OKC hipster royalty.

Shop Good is one of the coolest shops in OKC. They’re on 9th & Broadway and basically sell anything and everything cool — clothes, shoes, wallets, glasses (I’ve bought 2 pairs of Warby Parkers through them), cards, locally-printed t-shirts, jewelry — and so many more cool things I can’t think to categorize. Everything they sell in the store is socially responsible, fairly traded or connected to a local or international community development project. Cool people behind the shop too.

And there’s no better time to take in Shop Good than at their annual Mustache Bash on August 10. Learn more about it here or one Facebook. They’ve got a nice looking new site and brand too.

And no, I didn’t do any work on this. Just think it’s a really awesome shop in my increasingly awesome city and think you should check them out and attend this year’s Mustache Bash.

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