I'm rebuilding this site right now. So a lot of things may look broken. But what better motivation for me to finish it?



I feel like on AdBrad I post pretty sporadically and usually with a somewhat lengthy description of the work or link or whatever I’m writing. Lately, I’ve been coming across some cool stuff and thinking, “I should blog that so people know about it!” But then I decide I don’t have much to say about it or it’s too basic of a thing to devote a whole post to. So, here’s a new blog. snacks. snacks is a mini, bite-sized if you will, version of AdBrad.

I’ve been wanting to go ahead and do this for a while. When I saw my friend Tate recently started his own miniblog and I had a few extra hours at home for thanksgiving, I went ahead and got it done. Tate blogs on The Apache House design blog.

On snacks I’ll post things I do, things I find, things I like. Basically lots of things. Design, videos, music, quotes, quick thoughts. So if you’re reading this thinking, “Geez, these posts are far too long and never really talk about anything,” then snacks is just for you. Check it out and give me feedback on what you’d like to see.  I post a lot of cool links on Twitter, so those will probably morph into posts on snacks soon. Consider it a visual stream of my obsessions of the moment.