I'm rebuilding this site right now. So a lot of things may look broken. But what better motivation for me to finish it?

Social Classes in Helvetica

Can’t sleep. Enjoy.

Working on a new portfolio site, but having trouble with a theme. I’ve built like 10 simple ideas, but none of them stick enough to update it.
Need to get something solid up if I’m going to apply for internships soon, so I need to figure out what theme really defines me. Sounds like a personal problem.
Put up a “coming soon” page, but it’s not forwarding from my main site for some reason… 

*Ok, I fixed the forwarding issue & redid the whole theme cuz it’s 6:30ish a.m. and I’m still awake because I drank coffee at Biddy’s at 10. Foolish. But I got something cool done, so there’s always the classic Sunday afternoon nap to make up for it. You can look at the first link, but this is the one you’re supposed to see there.