I'm rebuilding this site right now. So a lot of things may look broken. But what better motivation for me to finish it?

The Div

I’m going to make an effort to post more about the projects I’m working on. I haven’t posted much since I started working at iThemes in January 2010 (full time June 2010). I’ve done a ton of really exciting work, but it’s often hard to showcase it on here. But I’ll do my best to keep a more updated log of the cool stuff I’m involved in at iThemes.

I’m really excited about the most recent project I’ve been a part of — the <div> [pronounced The Div].

“The Div is a tech community hub dedicated to innovation, creativity and training for a better Oklahoma,” according to the web site we launched yesterday. A <div> in HTML is basically the place where something starts. It’s an open container ready to be filled. The purpose is to create a place where people can create. Part co-working space, part educational facility, part event space — The Div is a place we’ve set aside to promote learning and innovation for both students and professionals.

The Div will be officially open on August 25th. Floors and furniture are going in soon. We’re excited to get people in there! Go check out the site, and follow @thedivorg on Twitter to learn more.

The logo is a modified mix of Futura and Neutraface elements. The DI is in Futura, and the V and <> are modified from Neutraface. League Gothic is used for the web site headers and Droid Sans is used as the body text. I used iThemes Builder (obviously) to create the WordPress theme structure and the design from there is a totally custom theme.