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The [Super] Big Event

OSU does a mass community service project every year called The Big Event. This year, they’ve assigned us the posters at work. There will 11x17s and A-frames. So I’ve been working on this new poster this week. I suggested using original illustrations to my boss, but the client is set on actual superhero imagery – copyright or not. But it’s advertising a non-profit event for a week at OSU. So I’ve been banished to copyright infringement.

So I incorporated some Stan Lee-esque comic fonts and comic-inspired themes like the text boxes and the halftone background. I’ll be polishing it up and actually adding real content (this is just a mock up for now) next week.


I’ve also posted some characters my cousin Ryan drew for it this week, in hopes that we could use his original illustrations. Sucks that we didn’t get to. But they’re awesome, aren’t they? Everyone at OSU thinks everyone here is an idiot – which I guess kind of makes sense in a roundabout way. But they always want “orange and black” *cough* camouflage *cough*. And they wanted the typical characters. One of these days I’ll get through. I embellished the color a bit in Photoshop for the poster initially, but his were more pastel versions. Check out his blog. He’s got some incredible characters and a recent post of these drawings too. I love how nonchalant he manages to make the characters. They seem like they’re just chilling on a corner against a wall, not preparing to save the world and such. Definitely check out his blog for more awesome characters (even a spot-on charactature of me).