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I started at MidFirst Bank in 2021 as the Director of Product Design & UX. I’m leading a small team of designers working on our digital banking experience. I’m excited to be working in a new industry with a new set of problems. I’m also happy to be working more directly with an in-house design MidFirst

Sonic: Check In

There is a lot of work that I’m proud of from my time at Sonic. Most of it was related to the mobile app. But some the most far-reaching, and most challenging work was related to customer Check In. It started as a change to the original mobile payment process, and evolved into a model Sonic: Check In


2021 My last day at Sonic was April 7th, 2021. I’m now the Director of Product Design for Digital Banking at MidFirst Bank in Oklahoma City. I’d say “I’ll come back and write more about by time at Sonic later,” but as you can see below, I’m pretty bad at that. Someday. 2020 I’m now Sonic


I’ve worked with Sam DuRegger a lot over the years, from Sonic to MidFirst. But one of the most fun things I worked on with him was Woodshed. We’re both big coffee drinkers, so we bonded over that initially. Sam always made tea at work and got me to try it. It wasn’t sweet tea Woodshed


I worked for iThemes, a WordPress software company, from 2010–2014. As the Creative Director, I led the redesigns of iThemes.com, WebDesign.com and many other large-scale projects including the user interface, logo and product pages for iThemes Exchange. I didn’t design the iThemes logo, but I designed quite a few other logos for various products and events.


Dutch Floral & Home is a floral and home décor boutique in Oklahoma City. They wanted to be seen as the luxury provider of floral delivery, “flowers to-go” and home goods. They’re not new at this. Lindsay Gibson, who I’d worked with before, with The Ball & Chain event, is the most in-demand wedding and Dutch