Anchor Down

When your friends open a bar/corndog restaurant, always offer to help them. My friends opened The Mule to much acclaim in OKC, and Anchor Down is their newest concept. The amazing Scott Hill did the branding for them (and for The Mule), but I got to apply Scott’s work to the website, using the type and style from his menu design. I hand built this site one night when I couldn’t sleep. Sometimes the work just happens like that. I definitely spent a good couple days after that night tweaking it, but the site was simple, wasn’t using a CMS, and the brand was well-defined (and awesome). Thanks guys for letting me work on it and for feeding me corn dogs and Coors Originals ever since.

Check out the animated hot dog pattern footer and click on the anchor icon for some fun details. I almost used some custom SVG for the big A/D logo, but it ended up being more of a quirky distraction than something worth interacting with, so I ripped it out. But it was fun to try SVG manipulation and I might add it back in later.

Go check out the responsive site here.