The text below was last updated in 2020, the 6th year I worked at Sonic. I’m now the Director of Digital Strategy & Ecommerce and obviously don’t have much time to keep this site updated.

The app is doing great, setting digital sales records each month. We just launched Order Ahead on the web ( And yes, I’m still on the Jobs page. Don’t tell college me I’m on the “Corporate Jobs” page for a fast food corporation.

The text below was last updated in 2014 in the first year I worked at Sonic. I’ve now (5/27/20) been here 6 years and have worked on a lot more since then. I’ll leave this here until I get around to a more complete and current update of my work at Sonic. But I’m now a Sr. Product Owner of User Experience. So still designing digital products, which is great, but also coordinating teams and going to a lot more meetings. More updates to come someday soon.

I’m currently working at Sonic Drive-In as a Product Designer in our digital lab. Think of it as digital R&D for any part of the Sonic experience that involves a screen: mobile, web, social and on-lot order screens.

So far, our team has redesigned, rebuilt and launched the new and More cool stuff coming on both of those sites and our other digital platforms later this year.

I also had the opportunity to redo some of our mobile app experience. I’ll post more about that update soon. The biggest change was from a hierarchical structure to a tabbed structure for quicker navigation and exploration of the features. We also brightened up and modernized the UI elements throughout and created a more native Android app (more about that in another post soon as well).






Here are a few side-by-side views of the updates we made to the Sonic app.