My friend Sam and I started a tea company as a side project in 2015 (Edit: I have since amicably sold my stake in the company to our other original partner). I wrote a whole lot about it here. But here are some samples of the work I’ve done on it. We’re coming up on a full year of business and we’ve got a ton of cool stuff planned for the next year, including some new packaging, new products and of course, everyone’s favorite side project side project – swag. It’s a ton of work and by far my favorite work I’ve ever done. Helps when you’re the client.

The full story of the company and the work is in this here blog post.

Although I love it, I did not design the logo. Sam had the logo and initial packaging labels designed by Valerie Jar before I came around. We’ve since updated the labels some, but her influence is definitely present and appreciated in all of the branding.

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